Monday, 3 May 2010


This website sets out to show how incompetent Valuation Office Agency staff neglect to correct errors in the Valuation List (Council Tax List); the shenanigans they use to conceal their mistakes; the dilatory manner they deal with complaints; and their reluctance to enforce their statutory duty to maintain the Council Tax List.

It will also show how the Adjudicator, Dame Barbara Mills (criticised and discredited by the High Court), disregards the rules of natural justice, conceals incriminating evidence, misrepresents facts, and upholds the actions of inept Valuation Office staff.

Following the first publication of this website on 19 February 2009, the VOA's Chief Executive, Andrew Hudson, was unexpectedly moved to H M Treasury and it was announced (in early March 2009) that the Adjudicator, Barbara Mills, was to quit. 

This website would not have been published had the Valuation Office Agency dealt with the resident who had notified them of errors and inconsistencies in the Council Tax List in accordance with their Council Tax Manual procedures and Code of Practice on complaints. They chose not to do so. Instead they decided to ignore the errors and hoped to get away with sweeping the issue under the carpet. The result was they dug themselves into a hole of lies and deceit that has come to haunt them.

When the Valuation Office Agency treat members of the public with contempt, they must expect to be treated likewise.