Monday, 3 May 2010

Photographs - Council Tax Band Bungles - Pennine View, Carlisle

Below are some examples of the many Council Tax band errors and inconsistencies in Pennine View, Carlisle (courtesy of Google Street View - requires Abode Flash enabled). Click Google Street View links and take a tour.

27 & 29 Pennine View 
Adjacent pair of identical 3 bedroom link detached houses; one was in band D and the other in band C.

31 & 33 Pennine View
These are 5 and 4 bedroom detached houses (one with double garage) the largest on the estate; they were both in band C. Both were increased to band E.

27, 29, 31 & 33 Pennine View
From left to right are numbers 27, 29, 31, and 33, and the respective bands were: band D, band C, band C and band C. They were amended to band C, band C, band E and band E respectively. 

21, 23, 25 Pennine View
These 4 bedroom detached houses were in band C (a band lower than most of the smaller 3 bedroom houses on the estate). All were amended to band D.

65 & 67 Pennine View
Adjacent identical 3 bedroom link detached bungalows; one was in band B and the other in band D.

59, 61, and 63 Pennine View
Three identical 3 bedroom detached bungalows; two were in band C and the third in band D. In the foreground (on the right) is an identical 3 bedroom bungalow except it is link detached; it was in band B.